Specimen retrieval device Treatment of appendage openings Percutaneous catheter directed intravascular occlusion devices Large sample low aspect ratio biopsy needle Sensor for detecting microorganisms and corresponding process Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus, medical image processing apparatus, and medical image processing met System and method for ultrasound elastography and method for dynamically processing frames in real t Surface compliant ultrasound transducer array Photoacoustic probe Medical diagnostic-imaging apparatus and medical-image processing apparatus Ultrasonic probe Probe sleeve, pipe socket, pipe socket assembly, and method for wrapping the probe sleeve around the Echogenic Article with Compound Indentations Method of manufacturing ultrasonic transducer module and ultrasonic endoscope Three-dimensional ultrasonic imaging method and system Galvanically functionalized sensors Method and apparatus for controlling uplink power in rach-less handover Motor-Assisted Needle Guide Assembly for Ultrasound Needle Placement 3d tracking of an interventional instrument in 2d ultrasound guided interventions Automated time-domain determination of tissue viscoelasticity in a sub-hertz frequency range Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus, medical image processing apparatus, and medical image processing met Misalignment compensation in dual x-ray imager Method and apparatus for calibrating an x-ray system Radiation imaging system, radiation imaging method, radiation imaging apparatus, and storage medium Recurrence prognosis and prediction of added benefit of adjuvant chemotherapy in early stage non-sma Computed tomography perfusion (ctp) method and apparatus using blood flow for discriminating types o Methods and devices for performing three-dimensional blood vessel reconstruction using angiographic Sliding platform loading device Apparatus for x-ray imaging an object Precision and resolution of quantitative imaging by combining spectral and non-spectral material dec Systems and methods for medical monitoring Terminal device, information providing system, and computer program Methods and systems for utilizing quantitative imaging System and Method to Train System to Alleviate Pain Processing of electrophysiological signals Method and System for Monitoring Physiological Signals/Health Data, Defibrillation, and Pacing in th Cup holder for automobile Wearable device and associated method Tattoo biosensor and health monitoring system Floormat physiological sensor Expandable catheter assembly with flexible printed circuit board (pcb) electrical pathways Diagnostic and therapeutic splints Sensor-enabled footwear; sensors, interfaces and sensor systems for data collection A device for the detection and reliable capturing of the pulse characteristics Methods, apparatuses, and systems for inductive heating of foreign metallic implants Hypertension prevention app and web based tools Electronic apparatus, system, and method for providing body posture health information Table unit Topical product dispensing tool Electronic device for measuring hydrature using display and method for operating the same Cognitive platform including computerized evocative elements Methods of cognitive fitness detection and training and systems for practicing the same Grip strength detection mechanism, exercise apparatus provided with grip strength detection mechanis System and method for evaluating mental disease treatment contents using complex biometric informati Brain function decoding process and system Blood sample optimization system and blood contaminant sequestration device and method Blood sampling tool/device comprising blood sampler and blood container Delivering and/or receiving fluids Pneumatic control device for vehicle seats and pneumatic control method for vehicle seats Analyte indicator integrated with a catalytically active material System and method for assessment of retinal and choroidal blood flow noninvasively using color ampli Non-invasive glucose prediction system, glucose prediction method, and glucose sensor Extending battery life System and method for obtaining blood glucose concentration using temporal independent component ana Methods for Correcting Otoacoustic Emission Measurements System and method for use in tissue monitoring and analysis Systems, apparatus, and methods for using a wearable device to confirm the identity of an individual Apparatus and method for registering images in real-time Personal shield devices, systems and methods Physical parameter sensing system Method, system, and computer-accessible medium for assessment of glycosaminoglycan concentration in Wearable cardioverter defibrillator with improved ecg electrodes Abnormality determination apparatus and non-transitory computer readable medium storing program used Apparatus and method for processing physiological information, and computer readable medium Direct electrocardiography monitoring for atrial fibrillation detection Fast recovery of ecg signal method and apparatus Method and system for cardiac health monitoring Cardiovascular Monitoring Using Multiple Sensors Recyclable or biodegradable blood pressure cuff Motor-vehicle seat Device and method for non-invasive assessment of maximum arterial compliance Image processing apparatus Atrial stretch measurement for atrial fibrillation prevention Biological information analyzing device, system, and program Medical device provided with sensors Methods and systems for determining lumen volume and coronary blood flow Biological information analysis device and system, and program Diagnostic apparatus Biological data measurement device Scanned Laser Vein Contrast Enhancer Using a Retro Collective Mirror Head restraint linkage for reversible seat Examination apparatus, method for controlling examination apparatus, system, light guide, and scale Systems, devices, and methods for analyzing and enhancing patient health Continuous detection and monitoring of heart arrhythmia using both wearable sensors and cloud-reside Point-of-care tele monitoring device for neurological disorders and neurovascular diseases and syste Abnormality determination apparatus and non-transitory computer readable medium storing program Wide Field Fundus Camera with Auto-Montage at A Single Alignment Systems and methods for using eye movements to determine traumatic brain injury Methods, systems, and devices for monitoring anisocoria and asymmetry of pupillary reaction to stimu Iris edge detection in optical coherence tomography